TunayPhD Student

Inserm UMR 1109

Mail: tunay.kokten@etu.unistra.fr



After obtaining my Master degree in “Ingénierie de la santé et sciences du médicament” (Henri Poincaré University, Nancy I) in 2010, I joined the “Osteoarticular and Dental Regenerative NanoMedicine” Laboratory (INSERM, UMR 1109) directed by N. Benkirane-Jessel. I am currently PhD Student in the “Tooth engineering” group headed by Dr Hervé Lesot. My research is focused on tooth development and engineering by biomimetic approach. The aim of my work is the innervation of the bioengineering tooth unit. For this aim, I make re-associations between epithelial and mesenchymal dental cells which I cultivate in vitro. After culture, these re-associations are co-implanted subcutaneously with trigeminal ganglia in different adult mice models (Keller et al., in press). Our goal is to create a physiologically functional tooth unit.

Keller L., Kökten T., Kuchler-Bopp S., Lesot H. Tooth organ engineering. In “Stem Cell Biology and Tissue Engineering in Dental Sciences. ” (A. Vishwakarma, P. Sharpe, S. Shi, X.-P. Wang, M. Ramalingam, Eds). In press.