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The emergence of nanotechnology can enable development of entirely new classes of bioactive devices that need precise intracellular delivery for more efficacies and less toxicities. While both organic and inorganic technologies are under development, controlled-release polymer technologies will likely continue to have the greatest clinical impact for the foreseeable future.

Engineering smart materials allow for novel medical therapies such as designing smart implant based drugs that target cells with improved specificity, resulting in decreased side effects for patients. Other advances are being made in sophisticated biomaterials for use in surgical implantations that are less invasive, leading to shorter recovery times and decreased risk of postoperative infections or other complications. Such innovations will improve the quality of life, extend life expectancies, and could reduce the overall cost of healthcare. Biomaterials play central roles in modern strategies in regenerative medicine and tissue engineering as designable biophysical and biochemical milieus that direct cellular behaviour and function.


Research topics

TOPIC 1: Advanced Therapeutics for Bone and Cartilage Regeneration ( J. HUA /F.FIORETTI )

TOPIC 2: Anti-Inflammatory Therapeutics, Periodontal Regeneration and Dental Engineering  (S. KUCHLER-BOPP/ O.HUCK)

TOPIC 3: Vascular Dysfunction and Regeneration  (C. AUGER /V. SCHINI-KERTH)

TOPIC 4: Vascular Approaches for Tissue Repair in Organ Dysfunction and Graft Loss (F. TOTI / L. KESSLER)

TOPIC 5: 3D Vascularized Strategies to Restore Healthy or Tumour organoids Microenvironment (G.UBEAU-SEQUIER /Y. IDOUX-GILLET )

TOPIC 6: Establishment of preclinical models in cancer : patient-derived xenografts (PDX) and innovative 3D organoids (T. MASSFELDER)

TOPIC 7:  Biogalénique et innovations thérapeutiques (N.Anton /T .Vandamme)

TOPIC 8 : Chemical biology and regenerative medicine in cardio-oncology ( C.Nebigil , L. Desaubry )

TOPIC TR 1: Vascular and organ dysfunctions in shock  (F.Meziani)

Topic TR 2: Rare Diseases , Epidemiology and Public Health ( F.Clauss/A-M.Musset)