Topic 7 – Biogalenic and Therapeutic Innovations


The general objective of the Biogalenic and Therapeutic Innovations team is to develop new systems both for therapy or tissue engineering and for diagnosis, achieved through different techniques and innovative formulations containing molecules of interest, or the development of functional systems.

Multidisciplinary, the Biogalenic and Therapeutic Innovations team covers many scientific fields such as formulation, chemical modification, processes, nanosciences, and the science of semi-solid and solid materials. It also benefits from the know-how of the other teams of the Regenerative Nanomedicine laboratory as well as the CRBS technology platforms.


Scientific expertise

  • Formulations design and development
    • Emulsions
    • Dry dosage forms
    • Innovative drug delivery systems
  • Smart nanotechnologies
    • Biopharmacy
    • Drug Targeting
    • Medical imaging and theranostic
  • Stimuli-responsive Biomaterials
    • Natural and synthetic polymers
    • Synthesis, formulation and evaluation

Technical expertise

  • Dissolution and drug release profiles
    • Continuous flow
    • Spectrometry UV-Vis, Fluorescence
  • Physical-chemistry of particles, nanoparticles and interfaces
    • Granulometry
    • Drop tensiometry and interfacial rheology
    • Characterization of nanoparticles surface properties
  • Chemistry and formulation
    • Polymer synthesis
    • Chemical functionnalization
    • Nano-emulsification by spontaneous and high-energy methods
    • Optical microscopy
    • Freeze-drying
  • Characterization of the formulations and materials
    • Oscillatory rheology
    • Stability studies

Let’s meet up !

Always on the lookout for new partners and new fields of application, the Biogalenic and Therapeutic Innovations team will welcome you to support you in your projects or jointly develop and characterize new innovative systems.


Team members of Topic 7




Full Professor (CE2)

+33 (0)3 68 85 41 06

Nicolas ANTON

Associate Professor (HDR, HC)

+33 (0)3 68 85 42 51

Guillaume CONZATTI

Associate Professor

+33 (0)3 68 85 43 05

Abedalaziz ABBARA

PhD Student

Ali Imran ABIB

PhD Student


PhD Student


PhD Student


  • 2024 ANR FluoLLPS Fluorescence tools to characterize Liquid-Liquid Phase Separation (PI Nicolas ANTON)
  • 2023 IDEX funding « recherche exploratoire » Innovative physicochemical and fluorescent tools to characterize liquid-liquid phase separation (PI Nicolas ANTON)
  • 2023 PHC Utique 2023 Development of innovative pH-sensitive liposomes and nano-emulsions for organ preservation solutions (PI Nicolas ANTON)
  • 2022 ANR SenEmul “Green” bio-mimetic platform based on lipid nanoemulsions for detection of endothelial senescence (PI Nicolas ANTON / Thierry VANDAMME)
  • 2021 ANR PAANIC Pulmonary Administration of Antibiotic Nano-emulsion to treat gram-negative bacteria InfeCtions (Consortium coordinator Nicolas ANTON)
  • 2020 IDEX « attractivité » (PI Guillaume CONZATTI)
  • 2020 ANR LABRICON Laser-assisted fabrication of silicone-based patches for transdermal drug release (PI Thierry VANDAMME)
  • 2017 ANR BioCaps Programmable release of drugs by rolled up biocapsules (PI Thierry VANDAMME)

Publications of Topic 7


  • Carbohydrate Polymer Technologies and Applications, 2023, in press.
    Surface modification of silica nanoparticles by chitosan for stabilization of water-in-oil Pickering emulsions
    Heidari, F.; Jafari, S.M.*; Ziaiifar, A.M.; Anton, N.
  • Acta Biomaterialia, 2023, in press.
    CT and X-ray Contrast Agents: Current Clinical Challenges and the Future of Contrast
    Owens, T.C.*; Anton, N.; Attia, M.F.*
  • Trends in Biotechnology, 2023, in press.
    Custom-made meniscus biofabrication.
    Vignes, H.; Smaida, R.; Conzatti, G.; Hua, G.; Benkirane-Jessel, N.
  • Journal of Microencapsulation, 2023, accepted.
    Impact of Formulation design and Lyophilization on the Physicochemical Characteristics of Finasteride Nanosystems.
    Irfan, M.M.; Shah, S.U.*; Shah, K.U.; Anton, N.; Idoux-Gillet, Y.; Conzatti, G.; Shah, K.U.; Perennes, E.; Vandamme, T.F.
  • Expert Opinion on Drug Delivery, 2023, 20, 93-114.
    Updated insight into the characterization of nano-emulsions.
    Wang, X.; Anton, H.; Vandamme, T.; Anton, N.*
  • Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 2023, 25, 1177-1186.
    Study of surfactants cross-linking by click chemistry on a model water/oil interface.
    Brou, G.A.; Gbassi, G.K.; Shulov, I.; Seralin, A.; Klymchenko, A.S.; Vandamme, T.F.; Anton, N.*
  • ACS Applied Bio Materials, 2023, 6, 1, 246–256.
    Controlled release and capture of aldehydes by dynamic imine chemistry in nano-emulsions: from delivery to detoxification.
    Liu, F.; Anton, N.; Niko, Y.; Klymchenko, A.*


  • Pharmaceutics, 2022, 14(8), 1561.
    Preparation of Pickering Emulsions Stabilized by Modified Silica Nanoparticles via the Taguchi Approach.
    Heidari, F.; Jafari, S.M.*; Ziaiifar, A.M.; Anton, N.
  • Colloids and Surfaces A: Physicochemical and Engineering Aspects, 2022, 645, 128858.
    Study of the spontaneous nano-emulsification process with different octadecyl succinic anhydride derivatives.
    Wang, S.; Collot, M.; Vandamme, T.F.; Anton, N.*


  • Pharmaceutics, 2021, 13(7), 1030.
    Water-in-oil nano-emulsions prepared by spontaneous emulsification: new insights on the formulation process.
    Akram, S.; Anton, N.; Omran, Z.*; Vandamme, T.F.*
  • Nanomaterials, 2021, 11(3), 826.
    Ultrabright Green-Emitting Nanoemulsions Based on Natural Lipids-BODIPY Conjugates
    Wang, X.; Bou, S.; Klymchenko, A.S.; Anton, N.*; Collot, M.*
  • Nano Select, 2021, 2(5), 948-957.
    Programming of drug release via rolling-up of patterned biopolymer films
    Pedron, R.; Vandamme, T.F.; Luchnikov, V.A.*
  • International Journal of Pharmaceutics, 2021, 605, 120810.
    Characterization of a hyaluronic acid-based hydrogel containing an extracellular oxygen carrier (M101) for periodontitis treatment : An in vitro study
    Özçelik, H.; Batool, F.; Corre, M.; Garlaschelli, A.; Conzatti, G.; Stutz, C.; Petit, C.; Delpy, E.; Zal, F.; Leize-Zal, E.; Huck, O.*
  • ACS Applied Nano Materials, 2021, 4(5), 5319-5329.
    Controlled Synthesis of NaYF4:Yb,Er Upconversion Nanocrystals as Potential Probe for Bioimaging: A Focus on Heat Treatment.
    Kavand, A; Serra, C.A.; Blanck, C.; Lenertz, M.; Anton, N.; Vandamme, T.F.; Mély, Y.; Przybilla, F.; Chan-Seng, D.*
  • Nanomedicine, Nanotechnology, Biology and Medicine, 2021, 34, 102374.
    Fluorescent nanocarriers targeting VCAM-1 for early detection of senescent endothelial cells
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  • ChemBioChem, 2021, 22(4), 657-661.
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    Development of a thermosensitive statin loaded chitosan-based hydrogel promoting bone healing
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