Topic 6 – Establishment of preclinical models in cancer : patient-derived xenografts (PDX) and innovative 3D organoid


Patient-Derived tumor Xenografts (PDX) models conserved the heterogeneity of the tumors, and they are very useful for the identification of predictive biomarkers for therapeutic response and resistance. However, the take rate is far from being 100% for urological cancers, and it takes 18 months to develop them. It is thus difficult to come back to the patient to propose an adapted therapy. To circumvent such problem, our scientific project, initiated in the middle of 2019, is to develop more appropriate models, but complementary to PDX models. In this context, our goal is to develop 3D organoids for various cancer types including but not restricted to kidney cancer (KCa) and bladder cancer (BCa), from cells and tumors, considering the heterogeneity of the tumors by developing 3D structures from different parts of the tumor, containing all subcellular populations (tumor, stromal, immune cells) and in which we will include a vascularization through a microfluidic approach for drug testing. We have ideas for innovative tools. Our goal at term is to put in place an innovative platform combining both model types for translational and preclinical research, and personalized medicine.

p>Our project is thus addressing the urgent need to combine tumor model and vascularisation for more efficient and selective drug-screening model in cancer drug development. We will provide a ready-made prototype of new generation drug screening platform answering an important healthcare issue. 85% of new drugs are withdrawn at early stages of clinical trials due to inefficacy. Attrition rates in the development of especially cancer drugs are very high, often due to the lack of screening tools at the preclinical stage predictive enough to select potentially successful drug candidates. Thus, the added value is in the vascularized matrices, near what is observed in vivo, and allowing to analysis the therapeutic response to drugs reaching the subcellular populations of tumor cells, as it is the case when drugs are injected in patient, regardless of the route of application (iv, per os…).

We are therefore confident to provide a solution to today’s clear medical need of improved pre-clinical cancer drug candidate selection by providing a sophisticated, validated screening platform mimicking the tumor microenvironment to a high degree.

Scientific expertise

  • Cancerology
  • Onco-urology
  • Preclinical ‘study and research’ models (including CDX ‘Cell-Derived Xenograft’, PDX ‘Patient-Derived tumor Xenograft’; 3D organoids and tumoroids)
  • Development
  • Nephrology
  • Cardiovascular system
  • Cell and Molecular Biology

From fundamental, translational, to preclinical stages, including the search of new therapeutic options, the development of new preclinical tools, and the identification of diagnostic, prognostic, predictive and resistance biomarkers.

  • Scientific watch
  • ‘omic’ approaches
  • Transversality with other scientific domains such as chemistry, imagery, physics
  • Expertise in the evaluation of scientific programs, of recruiting folders and in the formation to research

Technical expertise

  • Development of PDX models in immunodefiscient mice for all cancer types (kidney, bladder, prostate, brain, lung…).
  • Development of 2D and 3D models of small (hanging drops technique in low attachment plates) and large scale (with the special technology from Cyphuse that allows to form 3D structures > 3 mm in diameter) from normal and tumoral tissues, derived from cell lines and tumors of patients (kidney, bladder, prostate, lung, glioblastome and virtually from all types of tumors) with a program that will allow to vascularize them and to add lymphoïdes matrices.
  • Proliferation and viability testings
  • Toxicity testing
  • Measurement of molecules efficacity… Therapeutic molecules or others
  • Development of 2D and 3D models – Also possible in coculture, 2 or more cell types
  • Tissue regeneration using various approaches
  • Study of the mechanism of action of therapeutic molecules, old or new or in repositioning
  • We have in our lab of the necessary light or heavy materials and facilities to ensure all these technologies, including, but not restricted to : Quantitative and non quantitative RT-PCR apparatus, Western blot apparatus, Electrospinnings, Isolators, PSM II, CYPHUSE Instrument S-PIKE, Cryostats, Microtomes, Miscrocopes (Fluorescent…), Rheometer… And also L2 laboratory.

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    Also please keep in mind that our Topic is also part of a state-of-the-art technology paltform that is currently setting-up in our laboratory ; contracts perform through Satt Conectus and on the way to be part of the Cortecs network of Strasbourg University

    Team members of Topic 6



    Thierry MASSFELDER

    INSERM Research Director

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    Research Engineer

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    Véronique LINDNER

    Associate professor, pathologist

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    Claire MASSON

    Master 2 Student

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    Master 1 Student

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