PharmD, PhD, PU-PH Pharmacology and Pharmacokinetics,

Director of UPS1401, eBioCyt Platform, University of Strasbourg «Pharmacological, pharmacokinetic and toxicological assays by cytometry»

Researcher in UMR Inserm 1260


Main Research Areas:

1) Innovation and Valorisation

– Development and validation of in vitro cell models for Pharmacological and ADME-Tox studies: everted gut sac of rat, organ slices (lung, intestine, liver), subcellular fractions (microsomes, S9), primary cultures (hepatocytes), Human cell line (Caco-2, APC1, HepG2, HepaRG, new cell line HepG2 derived (INPI 488678)), 2D and 3D cell models and co-culture

– Development and validation of analytical techniques (HPLC, Cytometry)  and development of tests by flux Cytometry to ADME-Tox and Pharmacological studies

2) Research

Investigation of underlying mechanisms of drug resistance and evaluation of new therapeutic strategies in the treatment of inflammatory diseases and associated cancer (from in vitro cell models to clinical studies)

– Pharmacokinetic and Preclinical Toxicology studies: Modulation of CYP450s, ABC & SLC membrane transporters to Optimize PK profile of active substances and to study Drug Drug and Drug Food Interactions

– Resistance mechanisms studies: inadequate penetration of the drug into cells, alteration in the drug metabolism, DNA repair, down regulation of pro-apoptotic signalling pathways, hypoxia of tumour microenvironment è Supervision of several PhD

-> Inflammatory Bowel Diseases (PhD MA Aminatou): Study of the impact of intestinal inflammation on the membrane modulation efflux transporters: in vitro characterization and therapeutic innovation – 17/12/2010):

-> Hepatobiliary transport and inflammatory liver diseases

PhD. Bachir-Cherif :Influence of bile duct cannulation in rat on PK relevant enzyme system) – Co-direction with Dr. F. Schuler, Hoffmann la Roche, Basel – 17/12/2011)

PhD. L. Saab: Idiosyncratic hepatotoxicity predictive cell model with involvement of membrane transporters and research for natural hepatoprotective molecules – 04/07/2013) – Direction with support of UPS1401 (Dr. J Peluso)

-> Pancreatic Island Transplantation

PhD G. Kreutter: Effects of GLP-1 on the control of early inflammatory response during pancreatic islet transplantation: in vitro and in vivo study – Co-direction with Pr L Kessler (in progress – scheduled defence 09/2019

-> Digestive Cancer and Therapeutic Innovation (topic 5 « 3D vascularized strategies to restore healthy or tumoral microenvironment »)

PhD S Hassan: Pharmacological studies of a 2D / 3D cellular model in hepato-pancreatic cancer – Direction with support of UPS1401 (Dr. J Peluso) Defence July 5, 2018,

PhD H Chaddad: Development of Vascularised tumor spheroids mimicking the tumor environment angiogenesis and hypoxia – Co-direction and co-supervision Dr. G Fuhrmann and Dr. Y Idoux-Gillet

Defence January, 18,2019



Main Publications


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