I received a PhD of Cellular and Molecular Pharmacology from Strasbourg University in 2003. After postdoctoral positions in Québec (CRCHUL) and Angers (MitoVasc institute), I reached UMR1260 INSERM UNISTRA as GERCA Researcher (Groupe pour l’Enseignement et la Recherche Cardiovasculaire en Alsace). My research work has addressed cellular and molecular mechanisms of cardiovascular diseases focusing on purinergic signaling and specifically on ectonucleotidases (CD39). My work has contributed in particular to delineate the contribution of this pathway/enzyme in microvascular mechanotransduction and hypertension or ectopic calcification and thromboinflammatory manifestations associated to the rare disease pseudoxanthoma elasticum. I am currently involved in translational research projects aiming at identifying molecular determinants of senescence and thrombotic complications associated to aortic valve stenosis.


Main publications

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